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Our Story

Why we're passionate about building off grid, high-quality adventure vehicles

About Us


Cartier Solutions started out as a custom home remodeling company. Our team has always valued quality, longevity, versatility and customer satisfaction. We provide products that are functional and durable, not just aesthetically pleasing. Our recreational products are field tested by our team frequently allowing us to provide a functional and optimized set up. 


Utilizing our experience and education we acquired over the past decade, we’ve created a unique brand to fill a void in the RV and overland industry. Cartier Venture is a brand created by Cartier Solutions that combines our construction experience, outdoor enthusiasm, and passion for providing stylish, healthy living environments.


Our Evolve trailer model is designed to take your adventure off road. Equipped with 20+ inches of ground clearance, off-road tires, water storage and solar power providing a complete set up for traveling off the beaten path. We fit all your necessities in under 180sqft to keep units easy to tow and maneuver on trails. Our products are built with high quality, low-toxic materials designed with a modern, open floor plan. Explore with confidence knowing your living space is durable, well equipped and built with a focus on your health and happiness. 

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